Charnora Reid

Charnora is a licensed Registered Dental Hygienist. She has practiced for 20 years and still counting. A native of Columbus, Ohio currently residing in Virginia. She has two children, Charlayda and Lyneecia, whom she loves more than her next breath.  She also has a dog (Grady).  She is an unashamed chocoholic. She even goes by the name Duchess of Chocolate in the Red Hat Society.  Her poems were inspired by a combination of her children, dental

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Lynette N Roberts

Lynette N. Roberts was born and raised in Savannah, GA. Currently reside in Atlanta, GA. Growing up, writing was always one of her favorite pastimes. She is the self published author of "Princess Atelia and the Wishing Star" and "Baby Bella Goes..."

Kesha Rushing

Kesha Rushing is a writer, wife, mother, Certified Health Coach and Family Nurse Practitioner based in Nashville, TN. She and her husband, Elliott, are parents to a daughter and son who, like Keke and Terrell, love to travel and learn history. If Mrs. Rushing could travel anywhere in time, she would journey to ancient Egypt to meet Queen Nefertiti.

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Crystal  Senter-Brown

Crystal Senter-Brown is a mother, wife, poet, author and adjunct professor. She has written five books and has been featured in Essence and Redbook magazines.

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Ronnie Sidney, II

Ronnie Sidney, II, MSW, is a father, therapist, author, app developer, professional speaker and entrepreneur. He received a Master of Social Work from Virginia Commonwealth University in 2014. Ronnie was raised in Tappahannock, Virginia, and attended Essex County Public Schools (ECPS). While attending ECPS, he spent several years in Special Education after being diagnosed with a learning disability. The stigmatization of special education created a lack of interest in school.

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Renaee Smith

Renaee Smith was born and raised in Montego Bay, Jamaica.  Her love for cooking and baking has sparked her gift for writing. She is now an accomplished author who has self-published several books. One of which is the Great Compost Heap which she believes will enlighten elementary students and the community about the environment and encourage them to help the environment by composting.

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Chavonne Stewart

Author Chavonne Stewart is a native of Georgia, but has lived in North Carolina & Upstate New York.   Her blog, “Real Conversation 4 Real People,” ( is an exploration of culture through conversation, without the restraints of political correctness. Chavonne holds an MS in Management from Troy University and a BA in History from Kennesaw State University. She enjoys history, DIY shows, traveling, reading, shopping, and spending time with family and friends.

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Wanda Taylor

Wanda Taylor is a writer, filmmaker, educator, and interdisciplinary artist. Her films have screened across Canada as well as on radio and television. Wanda is a former producer for CBC daytime television and was also the Nova Scotia manager for the 2011 Canada Games National Artist Program. She has won awards for her work in arts, culture, and journalism.

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Latoyoua Topping

Latoyoua Gammage-Topping is a Navy wife and mother. At the age of twenty-seven, she took on the role of raising her younger brother. Since then, she has experienced four deployments and has relocated three times.  She has a bachelor of science from Virginia State University and is currently pursuing her MBA with a concentration in health service administration from Strayer University. She is the social media administrator at the local health department. She's also a mentor to young girls at her church.

Cherese A. Vines

Novelist, Cherese A. Vines was born in Colorado into a military family during the late 1970s. Throughout her life, she has lived in several cities from Round Rock, TX near Austin to a suburb of Chicago, IL. After graduating from Middle Tennessee State University in 1999 with a degree in Mass Communications, she moved to Georgia and currently resides near the Atlanta area with her husband and two children.

Kathleen M. Wainwright

Kathleen is a writer for children and young adults and a creator of quality, affordable, project-specific, supplemental materials connecting people with literature. As an educator and fellow author, she is skilled in navigating the needs of both worlds.

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H.C. Walters III

H.C. Walters III is a graduate of Full Sail University from the Film Program. His career began twenty years ago in Nashville, Tennessee lighting for music videos and working with artists such as Hank Williams Jr., Confederate Railroad, and Bill Gaither. Over time, he became an award winning screenwriter, video producer, and director, and now adds children’s book author to his list of accomplishments. H.C. Walters III lives in Tennessee with his wife of seventeen years and three sons.


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Schertevear Watkins

With a career in Early Child Hood Education and as a divorced single mother, Schertevear Watkins's love for children has inspired her to dedicating her life to bringing positive influences into the lives of as many children as possible. In the summer of 2014 Schertevear Watkins launched The Village Online Community website in an effort to make it easier for parents to find resources for all children across Georgia.


Dale Wells-Marshall

Dale is a mother to two beautiful children, and an educator of 13 years’ experience, in both Primary and Junior High School. She is a Naturalista, children's event planner, mompreneur and author. Empowering children has forever been her passion and purpose. Through creative extracurricular programs and summer camps, she has done just that over the years.


Helvi Itenge Wheeler

While in the America, Helvi found it challenging to educate her children in her native language Oshiwambo because she could not find children’s books written in her original language. Determined to teach her children Oshiwambo, she began to create her own babies and toddlers books using tools available from her own resources.

C. Jovan Williams

Clarice Williams, whose pen name is C. JoVan Williams was born and raised in Chicago, IL., but now lives in New Jersey. She credits her writing inspirations from her experiences as a military spouse, mother to three children, college graduate, government worker, freelance writer, silly daughter, and an overbearing older sister too many. Talk about a full plate!

Dr. Oneeka Williams

Dr. Oneeka Williams grew up in the Caribbean with her mother, a science teacher, and her father, a journalist. Her love for the sciences and for writing developed at an early age, as did her desire to become a doctor.  When she first entered the operating room while attending Harvard Medical School, it was love at first sight. This is Dr. Williams’ third book. She is a practicing surgeon and lives in Massachusetts with husband, Charles and son, Mark.

Garen S. Wolff

Garen S. Wolff, bona fide Galstanberry and CHANEL fanatic, is the author of the new exciting series, The Girlz of Galstanberry.


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