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Se'Quince Aiken

I am a seventeen year old senior student in school. My disability is cerebral palsy and I drive around in a wheelchair to and from school as well at home. I love to read romance novels and my favorite series of books was the Twilight Saga. I love going to the movies with my mom and twin sister as well as shopping.

Andrea L'Artiste

As a huge fan of Dr. Seuss and her natural gift of art, at age 12, Andrea L’Artiste developed the desire to write and illustrate children’s book. It wouldn’t be until much later in life that she puts her creativity into books. She recently founded and started the publishing company MyTinyPages.Booksforkids, where she is also an author and illustrator.

LaNiyah Bailey

Nine-year-old, author/youth advocate LaNiyah Bailey was ONLY six years old, when she was introduced to the world by way of NPR Radio it was after she and her parents appeared on Michel Martin’s show “Tell Me More” Broadcast in over 500 cities; it lead a world-wide discussion in support of President Barack Obama’s anti-bullying initiative and the epidemic of Bulling in America, March 15, 2011.

Scharmaine Baker

As seen on CBS Evening News with Katie Couric, Dr. Scharmaine Lawson-Baker is a nationally recognized and award-winning nurse practitioner in New Orleans, Louisiana. She is a fellow of the American Association of Nurse Practitioners (AANP), and winner of the 2013 Healthcare Hero award (New Orleans City Business magazine) and 2008 Entrepreneur of the Year award (ADVANCE for Nurse Practitioner magazine).

O. T Begho

Oyehmi Begho is an ex-teacher and ICT consultant, passionate about education and children.

He created the Obi and Titi series to help address the lack of diverse children’s characters in media such as books, educational material, games and animation.  He also wanted to provide a positive and more factual representation of African history and culture, which will help build children’s self-esteem and create an environment of acceptance of who they are and where they are from.

Greg Burnham

Greg Burnham is a writer and a father, who currently resides in Atlanta, Georgia. His books are designed to encourage families to open healthy lines of communication regarding core values and their moral foundations. A volunteer baseball/basketball coach and mentor, Greg has great personal interest in the success of our youth. He believes that, if given the proper tools, our children can achieve anything.

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Felicia Capers

Felicia formed the children’s division of Posh Publishing, LLC, Cookies, Crayons & Kids Media, with three objectives: 1) to promote literacy; 2) to celebrate the minds of young thinkers; 3) to empower multicultural youth to become involved with issues they face in their own backyards.

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Miguel Coppedge

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Miguel became a published author at 9 years old in October 2015. He is a 10 year old who loves school and learning new things. Miguel loves reading and writing. Miguel also loves video games and playing sports and basketball is his favorite. Most of all Miguel loves to have fun! Miguel has sold over 200 books and has donated a number of books as well. He will be making a monetary and book donation to St. Ann's Infant Home in Hyattsville, Md. because that is where he was before he was adopted.

Jerry Craft

Jerry is also the creator of Mama's Boyz, an award-winning comic strip that was distributed by King Features Syndicate from 1995 - 2013; making him one of the few syndicated African-American cartoonists in the country.

Simone Da' Costa

Simone Da' Costa is a writer, author, publisher and freelance magazine writer. She is an author of a non-fiction spiritual book and fictional children's books. She recently published her second children's book titled 'Emily-Rose's Day at the Farm.'

Shannon Ellis

Shannon Ellis is a School Psychologist for preschoolers. Her focus is promoting social-emotional development in early childhood, specifically in educational settings. Shannon is from Philadelphia, PA where she currently resides.


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